Patent-pending technology redistributes breast weight and provides lift.
Molded contour cups
with support sewn right
into the cups
Antimicrobial wicking
lining provides all day dryness and comfort
Foam-cushioned straps
provide comfort you
can count on


We worked with hundreds of women to develop our patent-pending technology. Using 3D printing techniques, physics and advanced materials, we created the Breast Advanced Support Technology (BAST™), based on the engineering principles of a bridge truss. Our bras use the core of your body to lift your breast weight from underneath the bust, reducing strain on the shoulders and back.


Without a rigid underwire, our bras eliminate the discomfort caused by wires poking out of the bra and digging into the skin. Each Trusst bra is also lined with a high-tech GARMATEX Kottinu™ anti-microbial, wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable - key to minimizing rashes and chafing. This engineered fabric has the feel of cotton but lasts up to six times longer.