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How a Trusst Bra Should Fit

Band - No matter the brand, the band is the most important part to get right. Your band should be snug and stay parallel to the floor. If your band rides up during the day, don't tighten your straps, tighten your band! If your band is on the tightest hook and still rides up, it's time to go down a band size.

You may find that your Trusst band feels tighter than you're used to with other bra brands. One reason for this could be because it is tighter than you are used to - many women wear bands that are a size (or more) too large in order to accommodate their cups. Often that is their only choice when buying bras from traditional retailers. If your band is uncomfortably tight, contact us using the form here and our fit specialists will contact you to discuss options for achieving the best, most supportive fit.

Cups - Trusst bras do not contain metal underwires and instead contain the BAST support system, which is made of a semi-rigid plastic. Because it lacks the rigidity of a wire, Trusst cups exhibit behavior similar to a soft cup bra in that they may not tack on everyone. This is especially true for those with close-set breasts. If your bra cups are puckering, you may need a smaller cup size. Also - everyone has breasts of different sizes! If one cup fits well and one is puckering, one of your breasts may be smaller than the other. In this case, it is best to fit your largest breast and use an insert to fill in the other cup.


Why does my Suzanne feel different from my Marjory?

Our Suzanne bra runs slightly smaller in the band than our Marjory. If your Marjory fits well (snug but not uncomfortably tight) and your Suzanne feels uncomfortably tight, you may want to go up a band size (and down a cup size) in the Suzanne. You may also want to size up in the band if you are between band sizes. Take a look at the chart at the bottom of our size calculator page to see which sister size would be your best choice. If you would like help determining the best size to order, please send your measurements and questions to us using the form here and one of our fit specialists will contact you. 



Please visit our size calculator to determine your Trusst size.


Measuring Tips

  • Wear your best-fitting, unpadded, non-minimizer bra.
  • Have a friend help if possible.
  • For your band measurement, measure around your rib cage, directly beneath your breasts. Ensure that the tape is snug in the crease where the bottom of your breast connects to the chest wall (inframammary crease). For those with larger breasts, it may be necessary to lean forward and wrap the tape around your rib cage and under your breasts before standing to take your band measurement. Breathe normally. With the tape snug and parallel to the floor, relax your arms to your sides. Take the measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch.
  • To measure your bust, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, parallel to the floor. Do not tighten the tape and deform your breast tissue for this measurement. Take this measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch as well.

If your calculated measurement is drastically different from your current bra, check the fit of your current bra using the tips below. It may also help to be professionally fitted.

Pittsburgh-area customers and visitors may make an appointment to come into our office and meet with our fit specialists. If you go elsewhere for a fitting, please record your measurements to enter into our calculator since bra sizes and fit differ across brands.



  • Check the band - It should be parallel to the ground and snug so no more than two fingers can fit under the band. 
  • Check the cups - Your breasts should fill the cups completely, the edge of the cup should be smooth against the breast with no puckering, and breasts shouldn't spill out of the top or sides of the cups.
  • Check the straps - They should be comfortable and carry only about 20% of the breast weight. If your straps are digging into your shoulders, loosen them. If this does not resolve the issue, your band may be too loose and will cause your straps to carry more of the breast load. All Trusst bras include a racerback feature for the straps. If you feel that tightening the straps all the way is still not supportive enough, try loosening them slightly and securing the J-hook.

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