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Find your Trusst bra size in 2 easy steps:

Instructions: Please round measurements up to the nearest 1/4 inch - do not add. For example, if your measurement is between 34.5 and 34.75, use 34.75. If your measurement is 34.5, just use 34.5.

Wear your current best-fitting underwire bra (non-padded, non-minimizing) and wrap the measuring tape around your back at band level.

Your bust measurement is taken with the tape parallel to the floor, snug but not pulled tight enough to move the breast tissue, around the fullest part of your bust.
    Your band measurement is taken with the tape parallel to the floor snugly beneath your breasts. This should be in the crease where your breasts meet your body - you may need to lift your breasts to position the tape correctly.



    If this size is significantly different from your typical US bra size, please email your measurements and the size and style of the bra you measured in to for sizing advice.


    If your size is not listed on our sizes offered page, please enter it below and we will let you know when we expand our range.

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