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As women, we believe it is important to support each other, and we can't wait to support you!


What if there was a bra that could actually support you? And better yet - what if it could empower you to feel more beautiful and confident in you own skin? With these questions in mind, we embarked on a quest to support the world's favorite assets and revolutionize the lingerie industry for fuller-busted women.

Every Trusst bra is designed and engineered by a team of women who understand the ins and outs of living life with a fuller bust. From discomfort and ill fit to the occasional underwire mishap, we've seen it all. Our collective experiences, along with those of the hundreds of women who have shared their stories, have helped inform and inspire each step in the design process.



Sophia Berman - CEO
Laura West - CPO




Susan Banerjee, PhD - VP of Technology
Kayla Geer - Senior Industrial Designer





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